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Cooking Suites

Bespoke Cooking Suites with RH Morton Manufacturing

The very heart of a kitchen is its Cooking Suite and this can range from a small number of individual items designed with set-down spaces and matching profiles, to a large bespoke manufacturer’s build to go in the centre of a kitchen or on a wall. Mark Rodden and the design team at R H Morton are experienced in designing the best possible solutions.


In today’s market the added investment of Induction Cooking to reduce the heat in the working environment and provide fast and responsive stove work, is a serious option to Gas and standard Electric Hobs.

Planning for the long term with space for trendy options

The management and design team at RH Morton are involved with the client in the planning of a cooking suite layout from inception through to installation. Keeping up to date with current and future plans for legislation, R H Morton will guide you through your options in terms of durability, carbon footprint, health and safety, and efficiency.


There are all kinds of exciting options to add to the tried and tested generic basics of Ranges, Fryers, Boiling and Bratt Pans.  Planchas are one of the current trends with the “Green Egg” and Josper high temperature solid fuel models popular for meat cookery.  Wood burning ovens and grills, Salamanders, Convection ovens and the hugely versatile Combi-ovens all have their place according to menu, space and budget.  The more time you take to plan and work with your own team to decide on these three basics, the better R H Morton can work up a design to meet your requirements.

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