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Sinks for Every Purpose – Standard & Bespoke R H Morton has been designing and manufacturing for over 40 years and there is nothing more essential in a kitchen than sinks. Where they are situated, the plumbing routes available, the tasks they are there to fulfill and the EHO Regulations they must meet are all considerations in deciding what to put in. All can be scuppered by space restrictions and that's where bespoke manufacturing comes to the fore. Read more
Morton Sapphire Bain Maries Stand alone units or integrated into a section of a counter run, R H Morton’s own products are built to last and all are made to the design and measurements of each customer. Read more
RH Morton Servery Counters R H Morton will design and manufacture into your own shop fitted section to optimise sales. They make and supply Servery Counters, Display Counters and Refrigerated Serveries. Read more
RH Morton Self Service Counters All day food operations need equipment to be well designed with excellent keeping qualities. R H Morton has designed Service Counters for over 40 years. Read more
RH Morton Hot Cupboards Manufactured to meet your requirements, these can have important details added, such as castors that can aid your cleaning regime and Gantries fixed or ceiling suspended to maximise plating up space. Read more
Architectural Stainless Steel All our tradesmen are top class and used to fabricating from beginning to end, taking a pride in what they make. They are ideally suited to tackling new and innovative designs to meet specific architectural requirements. Read more
RH Morton Kitchens There is a tremendous depth of knowledge of the kitchen business, our customers and their needs by a committed and experienced team. Read more
RH Morton Bars Providing Bespoke and modular Design for front service bars. Maximise your sales with well designed bar stations to keep eye contact with customers and keep tabs on all the drinks. Read more
RH Morton Kitchen Servery/Pass At R H Morton we design professional kitchens, front of house serveries, and service areas. All our manufacturing is designed and developed in-house. Read more
RH Morton Tabling & Benches Stainless Steel Centre Tables and Workbenches are all made to measure with or without upstands to the rear or sides and with options of a bottom shelf, mid shelf, cupboard doors, open under for bins - everything to meet the needs of today's chefs and enhance the smooth working of a busy kitchen. Read more

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