Over 20 years ago R H Morton began manufacturing Coffee Carts and Cup Warmers. Since then, the company has expanded into creating bespoke fitted counters as well as the detailed manufacturing of Coffee and Beverage Stations.

With the many coffee shops populating the UK high streets, it’s important your coffee shop look the part. From a traditional style in Glasgow City Chambers, to contemporary finishes and designer themes, our projects are all efficiently planned to optimise business turnover and provide a well built interior to enable a high standard of maintenance.  “Good food is one of life’s atavistic joys and where eating together strengthens the bonds between family and friends in a way that’s now rare, as we increasingly make do with grabbing food on the run, depriving ourselves of the pleasure of valuable, shared moments”.  This quotation from Seumas Mcinnes, owner of Glasgow’s Cafe Gandolphi and valued customer of R H Morton, epitomises why this sector of business is so important

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Seumas Mcinnes has a passion for all that's Scottish

Peat Smoked Salmon and Stornoway Black Pudding lead the way - and it's just round the corner from our works and offices! It's a legend in the Merchant City part of Glasgow.

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