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Daily - Weekly - Annual Canopy Cleaning

For the efficient operation of a kitchen extract ventilation system the following minimum maintenance procedures should be implemented.

  • Visual inspections of a system should be carried out on a weekly basis to ensure there is no accumulation of grease build up.
  • Filters & collection traps should be removed and cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Materials used to clean the canopy & duct systems should not be of a caustic or abrasive type and should comply with COSHH regulations.
  • Frequency of deep cleaning to the extract systems are defined in the TR/19 Guide to Good Practise-Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems.
  • When a system is installed sufficient access hatches should be incorporated so that full access by a specialist is possible.

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Ventilation Canopy Cleaning Policy

When you sign a Canopy Cleaning Contract with us, the scope of the work is as follows:-


  • A survey of the kitchen extract is undertaken to determine the level of
    grease. The filters are removed from the canopy and micron
    scrapings taen to determine the level of grease.
  • The inspection of the duct from the canopy requires checking all the joints for
    adequate sealing and if the system requires access doors to be installed to aid the
  • Upon the starting of the Deep Clean the Tradesmen take “before” photographs for
    the client’s records
  • The cooking equipment and surrounding floor is then protected prior to work commencing.
  • Access is gained to the canopy via the filter banking and the grease scraped from all sections.
  • Once the heavy grease deposits are removed the whole canopy is sprayed with industrial de-greaser and cleaning is carried out using Febrol scouring pads & industrial kitchen roll.
  • When the canopy is free from grease it is then washed down with hot water & dried; stainless steel aerosol shining spray is then applied to the canopy to complete.
  • After work, the area is cleared and “after” photographs are taken to satisfy the client’s requirements.
  • Cleaning the ducting is done in exactly the same manner but using the installed
    access doors to assist in cleaning purposes.
  • After inspection of the work a certificate is produced for the client confirming the works carried out are in accordance with TR/19 Good Practise in the Cleaning of Kitchen Extract Systems.

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