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Combi Ovens


R H Morton first supplied Convotherms to the North Sea Oil & Gas Industry rigs in the 1980s and they are widely sold not only in the traditional kitchen environment but on ships worldwide, including our own MOD vessels.

They come in a range of sizes from the new Combi Slim units to fit in a small kitchen, or into a small space in a bigger kitchen through 7 sizes up to large scale operations.

You can Roast, steam, poach, bake, grill, pan-fry, prove and regenerate all kinds of food in a  combi oven. It’s your space-saving, multi-functional partner in a busy kitchen.

With the more recent Disappearing Door option, Convotherm continue to listen to their customers and this one option helps when space is tight and products need to be unloaded to either side.  Some of their features are:-

Disappearing door* Option
This Convotherm innovation saves space and reduces the risk of injury:

• Ideal for more freedom of movement when working

• Cuts the risk of injury or burns from the hot inside-oven door

• Means that large combi steamers with loading trolley can be installed in practically any situation, even where space is tight

ConvoClean+ & ConvoClean – The new standard in flexible, reliable cleaning
Developed for maximum flexibility with minimum consumption. With new operating functions and single-measure dispensing for absolutely every usage profile. Still fully automatic: avoids any contact with chemicals.

Convotherm 4 easyTouch
The easyTouch complete package gives you a full range of impressive and practical features including a high-resolution 9″ full-touch screen and customisation options for your every need. The operating concept is incredibly easy, incorporating both established and new functions:

• ACS+ including perfectly harmonised extra functions:

• Crisp&Tasty – 5 moisture-removal settings

• BakePro – 5 levels of traditional baking

• HumidityPro – 5 humidity settings

• Controllable fan – 5 speed settings

• ConvoClean+: the fully automated cleaning system with eco, express and regular modes, including optional single-measure dispensing

• Ethernet / LAN interface

easyDial-the user interface
easyDial is the new standard in manual operation. Thanks to the clever design of the easyDial controls you can quickly configure your own cooking profiles. All the functions are available in one level. You can see everything at a glance at all times-even from a distance-on the large brightly-lit digital display with the central Convotherm-Dial (C-Dial) controls. The TriColor indicator ring indicates the current operating status: yellow for “in preparation”, red for “in progress” and green for “ready”.

• easyDial regenerating function: regenerate products to their peak level

• 99 cooking profiles

• C-Dial and TriColor: our new operating philosophy

HOUNÖ combi oven

Your multi-functional partner
You can roast, steam, poach, bake, grill, pan-fry, prove and regenerate all kinds of food in a HOUNÖ combi oven. That’s why they say that it’s your space-saving, multi-functional partner in the busy kitchen. With a HOUNÖ combi oven you reduce the need to invest in other types of kitchen equipment.

Benefit from the intelligent humidity control, ClimaOptima which automatically ensures the right amount of steam in the oven chamber. In fact, ClimaOptima creates the ideal climate for each dish. And the reversible fan motor in the oven chamber ensures even distribution of hot air and steam. As a result, you achieve perfect cooking and baking results,  always.

3 styles of cooking
You choose if you want to programme the oven manually, use preset recipes or take advantage of the automatic cooking feature, SmartChef. With SmartChef you simply tell the oven what type of food you want to cook and how you want it cooked, and then the oven automatically selects the optimum cooking settings. SmartChef allows you to spend more time on essentials like menu planning and presentation.

Reliability above all
The advanced technology ensures an accurate temperature in the oven chamber. You can therefore always rely on your HOUNÖ oven for precision. The rapid heat-up and cool-down times give you full temperature control within minutes. Our commitment to product excellence is underlined by our 4-year warranty.

Size matters in small kitchens. That’s why the Houno CombiSlim ovens only measure 51.3 cm in width. These combi ovens are ideal for small-scale kitchens or for satellite kitchens in combination with their Visual Cooking ovens. CombiSlim ovens are available in 3 sizes that use 1/1 GN 2/3

HOUNÖ’s combi ovens are your reliable and flexible partner in the kitchen while at sea. Based on cutting-edge technology, these combi ovens make it easy to steam, roast, grill and bake all kinds of food. The combination of hot air and steam ensures perfect juiciness, taste and appearance.

Rational CombiMaster Plus

The CombiMaster Plus replaces up to 50% of conventional cooking appliances.   The output of the CombiMaster Plus allows load sizes to be increased by up to 30%.  Combined with the mature cooking technology, this output guarantees consistently excellent food quality.

Whether sweet or savoury baked good, small or large, fresh or frozen, raw or semi-baked products – your SelfCookingCentre 5 Senses is equipped with all the main functions so that your baked goods will look and taste like they have just come from the baker’s.

With Finishing® the quality always stays at the highest level.
Simply precook dishes in the SelfCookingCenter® 5 Senses 2. Chill them in the blast chiller 3. Place the cold food on plates or in containers 4. Bring food to serving temperature with Finishing®shortly before serving

The benefits:

• You calmly prepare your food beforehand, when there is time: in the morning, the afternoon or even a few days beforehand

• Because you then immediately cool the products, your dishes do not continue cooking and the quality stays consistently high

• Your food can stay like this for up to three days without any additional preservation

• You can control the quantities and time of service in all flexibility and therefore avoid expensive over-production or loss of quality due to unnecessarily keeping food warm

• Even small kitchens with only one unit can prepare large quantities within a very short time without any of the stress

• Every guest will get a fresh and hot dish without waiting long

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