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Bakery Equipment

Bakery Equipment

R H Morton grew out of the Bakery Trade from the second half of the nineteenth century when it produced major plant equipment.  It now distributes Deck ovens, Bake-off models, Convection and Combi ovens, Mixers, Provers and Refrigeration together with the associated fabrication.

From a large bakery in a major hotel, and the current trend of Artisan bakery shops;  to luxury pastry making in top end restaurants and Pie Production operations, Morton’s offer a high level of expertise and commitment when working with a client to achieve the optimum facility to meet space and budget constraints.

The senior management at R H Morton have been heavily involved in the design and planning of a range of specialised bakery operations in recent years and are committed to finding the best solutions for artisan producers as well as for a busy catering business.

Pastry Section with Adande Drawers

Pastry Sections are often tight for space and the Adande Drawers shown here are both refrigerated and one is a freezer drawer.  Adande offer drawers which can be used at either temperature range.  Topped with a Marble Slab this area was designed for Pastry Chef,  Zoe Greenan at Martin Wishart’s “The Honours” in Glasgow, and is equipped with a Carpigiano Ice Cream and Sorbet Machine, table top Induction Hob, Rational Combination Oven and Bear Varimixer  plus their 5L Teddy mixer, which all provide a first class flexible facility for the hotel restaurant, function and room service.

Award Winning Pie Production Bakery

Over the last 25 years many Butchers have closed up in the High Street, but there is a growing trend for some outstanding shops to develop and non better than that shown on the photograph here at David Lishman’s in Ilkley which in 2017 was awarded the “Best Butcher’s Shop in the UK”.  In the middle of that year, David redeveloped his Pie Production Bakery fitted out by R H Morton with a 10 grid Rational to cook joints, Foster Blast Chiller and Walk-in Chill, Winterhalter Utensil Washer, VacPac Machine, Slicer and existing John Hunt Pie Machine and a dough Mixer and Pastry Roller.


All the stainless steel fabrication was by R H Morton complete with ventilation canopy, transport trolley and bespoke shelving to the dry goods store.  Lishman’s are already beginning to see a good return on their investment with substantially increased sales and the potential to grow their product range of added value bakery and cooked meats.



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