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Bains Marie

Bain Maries and Plain Top Hotcupboards

The Bain Marie is essential in many kitchens and RH Morton has been manufacturing these heavy duty build models since 1975. As well as offering the traditional Dry and Wet Well versions, Mortons have developed a Vapour Heated model providing the keeping qualities of the Wet Wells without the same level of cleaning – it is just necessary to wipe out the condense.

Built in 304 quality stainless steel on a welded frame with double skinned doors Morton Sapphire Vapour Heated Bains Marie are ideal for all day service in busy restaurants, universities, offshore accommodation platforms and marine galleys.


Vapour Heated Bain Maries

The stainless steel steam generation tank itself consists of a 4kW Immersion Element controlled via a Simmerstat on main control panel with neon ‘on’ indicator. A spare element is fitted into the tank and both elements are controlled via a changeover switch so that, in the event of an element failure the alternative can be used with no resultant downtime.

Requires a 15 mm cold water supply and a drain is recommended. Advantages of this system  include a quick start up time and no unsightly tide marks associated with wet well systems. The keeping quality of the food is substantially better than that of the dry heat system and the well stays cleaner during service.

With particular reference to marine usage there is no free surface of scalding water to either push the pans out of the unit of burn the operators.

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