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Fish Preparation

Contain those Flying Gills ..........

Many top chefs buy their fish whole and the fish prep area can get very dirty with descaling and filleting.


R H Morton manufacture Fish Sinks to suit the size of fish being filleted with large upstands to the rear and sides if required. With an Osborne Fish Fridge to hand, Vac Pac machine and drawers for consumables and utensils the design and manufacture of a well thought out fish preparation station is a good addition when planning or refurbishing a kitchen.


Morton Fish Sink

Many hotels and restaurants are able to source their fish locally and when the opportunity arises for a wild salmon, there’s nothing more attractive but it’s a sizable fish and needs a larger than normal commercial sink to properly accommodate the cleaning.


R H Morton fabricate all kinds of sinks and the one illustrated was made for that very purpose  –  one of Scotland’s best small hotels, situated right on the shoreline with a daily supply of the freshest of Scottish quality all to be carefully prepared by a delighted chef.

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