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Glasswashers and Glasswash Stations

Glasswashers - Easier, Safer, Better

There is a good choice of Glasswashers on the market today but thought needs to be given to their noise levels if they are front of house, so double or single skinned as well as their capacity. R H Morton’s present staff have thirty years of experience in helping customers to design their glasswash stations in a kitchen, Stills area or Bar.


A Glasswasher should not be thought of as a “Stand Alone” item, but part of a system of flow, speed and hygiene to minimise breakages and maintain sparkling glass supply.


Winterhalter’s top quality build is at the forefront of Glasswashing Technology – Double skinned, ECO friendly and reliable, it is R H Morton’s top selling brand.


Owned by Winterhalter, the Classeq Range of Glasswashers have been in the Morton portfolio for some 30 years and are a tried and tested range of popular machines sold widely throughout Scotland and the Isles.


As manufacturers, R H Morton design and produce bespoke Glasswash Stations for Kitchens, Bars, Coffee Shops and High Street outlets.

Bars Designed and Built by R H Morton

Glasswashers do come in different sizes but the small ones with 400mm x 400mm size baskets do not have the same choice of racks to protect long stemmed glassware.  The size of your interior basket is a major consideration when designing a bar to enable it to take a full size machine.


As well as their own stainless steel bespoke bars made in Glasgow, Morton’s design with IMC Bartender and Gamko modular sinks, ice chests, shelving, bottle coolers and frosters and they always advocate that if a Glasswasher has to go in the bar itself, it should be double skinned to minimise noise levels.  These are supplied, installed and maintained by R H Morton staff.

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