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Choose the Right Size and Capacity

There’s more to choosing an “Under Counter” Model than meets the eye.  Winterhalter models  are available as Glass, Dish, Bistro or Cutlery washers in sizes S, M, L and XL.

Three standard wash programmes are available which automatically adjust according to the degree of soiling and the type of item being washed.  They can be adjusted according to your individual needs.   Perfect cleaning results are guaranteed.

Classeq’s undercounters come in two ranges: Standard and Duo. Standard UC machines  are incredibly easy to use, simple to clean and deliver excellent wash results. Duo models have all the standard features plus an LCD display, a water board compliant air gap, double skinned construction, built-in rinse pump and a drain pump.

It’s really important to think of dishwashing as a system rather than just the machine.  Because R H Morton designs and manufactures its own stainless steel fabrication, your machine can be situated under a worktop, with racking to one side or shelving over, on a stand, underneath a sink unit, all to provide a good flow of “dirties” to “cleans”  –  whatever is the best solution for you.

Pass-through Dishwashers & Racks

The right rack for the right job.

The comprehensive Winterhalter model choice ensures there is a machine available for every eventuality and that includes their choice of racks as well.

Eack rack is specially designed for specific uses or for individual types of wash items. Using the correct rack, for the correct job can significantly impact on achieving the best wash result.

Winterhalter racks provide a functional design, are of a high quality and are practical to use.

Open rack designs ensure water penetration and air circulation. Optimal wash and drying results are achieved.

Pass-through Dishwashers

PT Series pass-through dishwashers.
Brilliant, fast and efficient cleaning with Morton Dishwash Tabling

Winterhalter PT Series pass-through dishwashers guarantee perfect cleaning results in the shortest time thanks to their innovative features. Additionally, these machines provide maximum efficiency in the kitchen with Morton manufactured Dishwash In Tabling, Sink with Pre-Rinse Spray, Dishwash Out Tabling, Racking under or storage for racks over.

Depending on the wash items, available space and individual needs, a choice can be made from machine models PT-M, PT-L or PT-XL.  R H Morton can design your wash-up to run in a straight line, utilise the corner with the machine or build it out into the kitchen; whatever the space allows.

The innovative design of the PT Series machines guarantees top performance for perfect cleaning results – brilliant, fast and efficient.  Spare Parts back-up and After Sales Service is provided by both R H Morton and the Manufacturer.

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