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Fire Suppression Systems - Design, Installation & Maintenance

Specialising in Amerex for greater flexibility

We appreciate that selecting the right system and specification can be a daunting business and there are a number of leading brand Fire Suppression systems for Commercial Kitchens which can be offered.


Specialising in Amerex, a market-leader with over 40 years experience, we offer a system which can be integrated into a new Morton Sapphire Ventilation Canopy, or retro-fitted to an existing Canopy.


Either suite specific systems, or a “zone defense” system can be designed which allow greater flexibility to enable a suite to be reconfigured without necessitating modifications to the suppression system.


The fire suppressant agent can be house discreetly in a stainless steel housing with nozzles focused on each appliance where necessary and activated via automatic detection or pull-stations.  Following Installation, Full Servicing and Maintenance contracts can be provided and often insurers will contribute to installation costs or offer reduced premiums as a result of lessening the fire risk.

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