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Kitchen Canopy and Extraction Operation

Speed Controls & Gas Interlocks

Extraction Systems are balanced and speed controlled to provide the operator with the option to increase extraction on demand, or to reduce airflow and therefore noise levels, over quieter periods offering maximum flexibility.


A Gas Interlock is at the heart of the controls system, ensuring that gas appliances cannot be used unless the ventilation system is fully operational.  There is an emergency gas shut-off, which can also be linked to provide shut-off to electrical appliances if required.


Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Fire Alarm and Suppression systems and Building Management systems can all be incorporated.


There are a number of options for control systems and these are changing and being updated as technology evolves.  R H Morton will recommend the location for the Speed Controller, Gas Interlock and Emergency Knock off so that they are all accessible to staff and in a safe place to operate.


Our Service & Technical Department provides Regular Contracts for full servicing and cleaning to HVCA standard TR/17.


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