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Refrigerated and Freezer Drawers

One Piece Worktop and Gram Refrigerated Counters

Refrigerated counters have transformed the way we work. Great options of cupboards to take Gastronorm containers or shelves, and a combination of doors and drawers are on offer by all the major quality brands.

Supplied as single units or part of a new or refurbished kitchen, R H Morton incorporate Refrigerated Counters to maximise work surface and provide the most flexible and aesthetically pleasing look to help meet a chef’s dream environment.

Available with shelved cupboards, gastronorm runners and drawers, they can be stand alone, have a worktop fitted so that the upstand matches with the rest of the run on a wall, extend the worktop to accommodate a bin or colour coded board storage and have gantries fitted to accommodate other items.

If space allows it can be appropriate to have counters slotted under a  large double width worktop to take a combination of fridge counter, Adande Drawers, general storage or freezer.


Adande Single, Double or stacked Refrigerated or Freezer Drawers

Preparation space is always at a premium and these flexible chilled or freezer units add to the good range of cold counters now available to  keep that valuable work surface.

 Temperature ranges: Increasingly, cold counters are being used close to the cooking suite for service and can be supplied in “Meat Temperature” as well as General Purpose Temperature ranges to deal with high heat sources close to where they are situated.

Blast chillers and freezers help to increase productivity by reducing the time taken to chill or freeze cooked products ready for storage or transportation.

Improve Food Hygiene and Reduce Waste with Blast Chillers and Freezers

Programmable : Different foods need a variety of chilling or freezing speeds in order to optimize the product quality.

Memory Stick Recording : Use a memory stick to record temperature data at set intervals (e.g. every 3 minutes). With a 15 minute interval the stick can record approximately a year’s worth of data from a machine in fairly constant use. The stick may be removed and the data transferred to any computer with a USB port.

Temperature Probe : To ensure food safety,  operators  need to be able to assess the temperature of food during and at the end of a chill or freeze cycle.

Automatic Holding Mode  :  Once the food has reached the required temperature, the blast chiller or freezer effectively becomes a static refrigerator or freezer for as long as required.   It is therefore not necessary to empty the unit immediately the chill/freezer cycle is complete and creates  extra storage.

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