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Cold Room

Foster Walk-in Chill for Award Winning Pie Bakery

Cold Rooms and Walk-in Chill/Freezer Rooms, can provide a substantial amount of space. The major manufacturers offer them in both standard and bespoke sizes and R H Morton is used to designing and fitting on a bespoke basis.

Keeping abreast of today’s technology with digital monitoring systems, co-ordinated Cook and Chill Roll-in Rack systems and meeting needs across the whole spectrum of catering operations is something a good distributor and quality supplier together can provide for individual customers.


Isark Mini-Coldroom and Freezer Room

Isark is an innovative modular cold room with significant advantages over conventional cold rooms.  It is the result of a significant research effort involving professionals from several countries.

Offering  practical and professional solutions to the conservation and storage needs of hotels, restaurants, catering companies, shops and industrial kitchens, Isark’s  volumes go from 2.3 to 20 m3, making them ideal for small spaces  –   the perfect substitute for situations in which refrigerators and refrigerated cabinets are no longer enough.

Due to its practical conception in assembly and operation, it is specially recommended for establishments such us: small restaurants, fast-food, shops, hotels, etc.
Available in 92 models.

The insulation is polyurethane –  85mm thick.

Two options:  Flooring for positive temperatures or
Flooring for negative temperatures

Two exterior heights:
2 and 2,40 m with floor and 2,03 and 2,43 m without floor

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