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Avoid Expensive Blockages with Modern Technology

Adopting Grease Management with Today's Technology

Kitchen Porters have plenty to do and some of their tasks are particularly onerous.  This includes emptying a Grease Trap which looks like the illustration.


GreasePak is one option.  It is battery operated, doesn’t require a water or electrical connection or any kitchen floor space.  Compact and wall mounted, GreasePak is easy to install, particularly suitable where minimal space is available.  GreasePak keeps commercial kitchen drains clean and odour free.


GreasePak is BBA certificate 11/4827 BBA Approved,  providing assurance that the quality and consistency of a product is visibly recognised as reliable, safe and fit for purpose. GreasePak is the first and only drain maintenance system to earn BBA certification in the UK.  The GreasePak biological drain maintenance system is a simple and effective solution to prevent slow and costly blockages in the drains of food service operations. 


Enzyme Dosing Systems have made huge improvements in both kitchen hygiene and the reduction of blockages in the plumbing which is in itself expensive if a Tradesman has to be called to clear and rectify it.  With increased interest from water companies to ensure that there is a breakdown of grease deposits before entering the sewer system, proprietors and senior management have a duty to ensure they comply with current requirements.


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