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Sinks to do the job and fit your space for hygiene and efficiency

Let us help you make the right choice for hygiene and efficiency

Sinks for Coffee Stations, Sinks for Utensil Washing & Big Pots, Double and Single Preparation Sinks, Wall mounted and inset Wash Hand Basins.  Dishwash In Tabling with Pre-Rinse Sinks, Bucket Sinks, “Admiralty” Basins, Anti-vandal Sinks and Domestic applications.

Ask our team for specials or a standard supply  –  all are fully welded and can be fitted with a choice of taps/faucets, standing wastes, attached into Grease Traps  –  whatever you need. At R H Morton we both supply a standard sink and we make our own to meet the needs of task, space and aesthetic finish with skirts or cupboards.

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